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Discover Boating’s Boating Basics: Pro Tips Series, powered by Progressive®

Episode 1 – Boat Checklist: 8 Things to Bring Onboard 

Follow this pre-departure boating checklist to prepare for a great day on the water. These top 8 items include U.S. Coast Guard required boat safety equipment, such as life jackets or PFDs, fire extinguisher, visual distress signals, sound signaling devices, and a throwable floatation device. 

Episode 2 – Launching a Boat: 9 Steps for Success 

Learning how to launch a boat for the first time, either by yourself or with help, can be simple and stress-free by following our checklist on 9 Easy Steps for Launching a Boat. After you learn how to properly launch a boat from a trailer, you’ll be able to tow your boat and explore any body of water serviced by a ramp.

Episode 3 – Docking a Boat: 6 Steps for Beginners 

Follow this 6-step beginner’s guide on how to dock a boat like a pro to discover a few simple ways to feel more confident at the helm. Whether you are docking in a slip, coming alongside a dock, or docking against the wind or current, these pro tips will help you line up your approach and ensure you’re ready for any docking scenario. 

Episode 4 – Driving a Boat: 6 Tips for Operating with Confidence

Learning to drive a boat for the first time can be fun and rewarding. Get started with this beginner’s guide for operating a boat. It includes advice on how to attach a boat’s engine cut-off switch (ECOS), how to operate the throttle and trim a boat, and how to steer, slow down and avoid collisions. Plus, it shares tips on how to deal with different situations that could impact operation, such as wind, waves, and current. 

Episode 5 – Understanding Boating Rules of the Water & Basic Etiquette 

Take the first step toward learning the boating rules of the road and simple boating etiquette with this beginner’s guide. Regardless of where you go boating or what type of boat you’re operating, one of the most important rules to keep in mind is that you are responsible for avoiding collisions at all times. This guide will help you understand the meaning of port (left) and starboard (right) and teach you how to maneuver in various on-water scenarios depending on whether you are the stand-on or the give-way vessel. 


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